Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thanksgiving. . .


This is truly one of my favorite holidays. There's never any expectations to wear nice clothes or give unforgettable gifts. . .just fun time with family. 

I doubt any of our turkeys actually look like this, and if yours does, then you are very fortunate indeed. 

As I was saying. . .everyone just sits around a table, and, well. . . talks. I learn new things about my family every year.

What I try to do every year is come up with six things I'm thankful for--one for every letter in thanks.

T) Time--the time that God has already given me here, and the time yet to come. But, most importantly, the time I will have after I die.

H) Heaven. The fact that I have something so amazing to look forward to.

A) Agape--the Greek word for unconditional love; namely love from God, although it can also be used for love between very close friends.  It is one of my favorite words, and has inspired me a lot ( For a broader definition of agape, click here. ).

N) Names. All of the names of people that I hold dear--my family, my friends, people that have inspired me. . . 

K) Knees. The fact that I have body that is completely healthy. I have no diseases, no missing body parts, and two hands that I can use to serve the LORD.

S) Surreal. All of the surreal things I've witnessed--the tiny little new-born babies, a little child praying, an incredible sunset, a sky filled with stars. . . So many beautiful things. 

I have so many things to be grateful for. What's your list?


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