Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Today's garbage day at my house :( I am not a big fan of garbage. First of all, it stinks. Second of all, my driveway is long. Well, it isn't the longest one I've ever seen, but it's long enough.

Anyways - I was thinking about garbage today, because of the impending need to take it to the road, and I realized something. I have garbage in my life, too. I've got stupid things people have said on tv that's in my head, I've got bad habits that clutter, and I've got piles of yesterday's mistakes that I'm still looking back on. That stuff stinks. But the problem is - I've got a long driveway.

Some stuff is easy to get rid of. Asking Jesus for forgiveness carries my sins as far as the east is to the west. But habits are harder to break. And past mistakes can be difficult to move on from, even if God has taken them far away.

So, I guess today's a good day to take the garbage out. It's a good day to start praying for forgiveness, direction, and the strength to drag all the garbage to the curb and leave it there.


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