Friday, December 26, 2014

I haven't been around here in a long time, and it may be a long time until I'm back again, but here's some thoughts I had on this 26th of December...

Happy Holiday.
I don't need a happy holiday.
I need a Savior who will change my story --
No Joy to the World --
I need joy to change my world.
I don't need a baby Jesus that makes people fake-happy, pseudo-sanctified on Christmas day,
I need a God that will rip open my heart.
I need a Savior who will change my world longer than 24 hours one winter day in December.
I want something that matters.
I crave something that lasts.
I don't need happy.
I don't need cheer.
I don't need sleigh bells or snow or frosted cookies.
Life changing love, heartrending grace, impossible peace --
That's what I need.
I can do without a
Happy Holiday.

Isn't it funny how there's so much hype up to Christmas day, yet on the 26th, life seems strangely devoid of that spirit of the day before? What is it about Christmas that makes us so hopeful and happy and loving? Isn't it Jesus? And if it's Jesus, why doesn't that hope and joy and love last beyond a holiday? Jesus did not just be born 2000 years ago, Ladies and Gentlemen. He lived and died and lives again. He doesn't stay and wait, stuck to a holiday that so misses the point of what actually happened. He lives beyond that fixed moment in time and beckons to our wandering hearts 365 days a year.