Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Most amazing blog post...

Wow. My sister just showed me the most amazing blog post ever. Because it's on a website, and not part of blogger, I couldn't find the button to post the post here, but click here to see it.

It is so sad and beautiful and bittersweet, it almost made me cry. And I thought - trust in Jesus. Wow. This kid, this Jonothan who lives in Ecador alone and abondoned, he trusts every day. He can't lean on his own understanding, because he can't have any understanding. It makes no sense. Abandonment, favoritism, lovelessness - it isn't something anyone can understand. Yet Jonathan trusts. He still believes.

You have got to check his story out. It is heartbreaking, and it is powerful. It makes me want to sponsor a compasssion international child so bad, because I know that there are thousands of kids like Jonathan, who just need love.


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