Thursday, February 9, 2012


When I think of Winter, I think of snow. And, when the snow falls, I can't help but wonder at how not one of them looks exactly the same as another.  

Amazing, don't you think? 

I take time when snow falls. I look at the snowflakes--I examine them. 

I try to take time to appreciate their differences and how, though one singular snowflake is small, when they are all joined together, they effect the world around us, covering our world in a pure white. 

But humans are the same way, but do I take enough time to appreciate them? 

Do I, when I look at them, marvel at God's awesomeness at how,  though people have existed for 6,000 years, no one is exactly alike? Do I take the time to realize that no one is going to be exactly like me, and that no one is going to be perfect? Do I, when I look at a person, see God's handiwork? 

I wish I did.

Because, honestly, I treat a whole lot of people more like dirt then God's masterpieces. . . and I need to change that. The world needs to change that. 


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