Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Perfect Peace

"Be Peaceful."

That's what the first page of my journal says (yes, I keep a journal!). It was printed there by whoever made it. It was ironic that on the day I first laid pen to paper in that book, I was anything but peaceful. I didn't really have any reason not to be, but I was anyway. Yes, it was about 90 degrees out and I was stuck in an air condition-less camper trailer. And, yes, I had been cramped, just before that, in the tiny backseat of the family pickup truck next to my siblings.

That didn't really give me the right not to be content. I had already spouted off angrily at my sister and was scowling inwardly at the all-to-hot sun when I opened the journal. "Be Peaceful." I sighed and wrote about the heat and the ice cream truck's annoying tune and the fact that my pen kept skipping at inopportune moments. It didn't help. At all.

I was miserable. I was restless inside, and it spilled out in the way I dealt with everybody else. That's the thing - what I feel inside eventually comes out. If I'm stifling anger, bitterness, or unhappiness, it's eventually going to show in how I react. I need to let God deal with what's inside of me in order to deal with people. He can give peace that passes all understanding. He's the only one who can dissipate the ugliness that builds up inside.


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  1. One time before my piano recital, I was soo worried about not doing well. I did not want to go. However, I had to put a cardboard box in the cellar. So I sat on a stair for a moment and prayed. When I got back up, I was completely calm and at peace.

    BTW, I love that song and all of Laura Sotry's songs! Hopefully I will see her in concert soon :)

    Lizzie :)