Monday, February 27, 2012

Forever Faithfulness

I think faithfulness is SO important. I am so glad that I have people in my life that love me. They won't ditch me for more popular people. They will reply to my emails, pray for me, and check up on me.

People need to know that someone is there for them. I once heard of one, single phone call that stopped a teen from committing suicide. They had no idea someone cared, so they hopelessly reached for the "out" called death - when the phone rang. It was just a girl returning a phone call, yet it saved a life.

Although we live in a individualistic culture, we were never meant to be totally solitary creatures. We need community. We need to know that people care. We need someone to be there for us. And, someone needs YOU to be there for them. Today, let's take time to make sure we are.


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  1. Great post, Aylin. I think that's so true... a lot of times, when I think of faithfulness, I think of it between God and myself (or someone else), but often forget how we need to be faithful to friends and help them bear their burdens.