Monday, February 6, 2012


Passion. It fuels the two greatest emotions known to man - love and hate. It is the catalyst that makes haters take drastic measures and lovers move mountains to get to the object of their emotion. Passion can be a positive force, moving a person toward good, or it can be very, very negative. Passion causes people to kill. But, passion also called one Man to let Himself be killed.

God loved us with a more passionate, deeper love than every other person combined in the entire cosmos. Jesus took on the form of one of his creations so that He could save the ones who He knew would kill Him. He loves us with a passion.

And yet, we often forget that (or, at least I often do). We forget God's great love for us. We forget that He asks us all our love in return. He wants us to passionately follow after Him and seek His face. He wants us to worship Him with or entire being. And He deserves all that.

Though I know all this, I still fall miles below the mark. I still give half-hearted surrender to God. But, the thing is, I am most fulfilled when I am surrendered to Him in worship with my life. So, why don't I do it more often?


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