Monday, February 20, 2012


Patience, patience, patience. That is one of the hardest things for me. It extends to everything. Patience enough to keep loving people that are really hard to show love to. Patience to wait for God's plans and His timing. Patience to wait and help that person instead of tearing off to where ever I want to be. It's hard. Some people seem to have an endless supply of patience. I am not one of them.

We live in a "now" society. Why wait to actually eat in a restaurant when you can use the drive through and eat while you drive? Why stop and call someone if you can text them while you talk to someone else? Now trust me, I am not an old lady lamenting new-fangled technology. We live in a fast pace world of schedules and all that. I get that. But, some things are worth waiting for.

Like spending time with God. Making time for Him is really important. It sets up the whole day. Spending time praising Him, listening to hear His voice, and reading the Bible are too important to miss. The rest of the day can wait until that's done. That's something that I have to drill into my own head all too often. God took quite a bit of time saving us. He has patience with our sin-corrupted lives - just waiting for us to come to Him. He gives us a lifetime to decide. He deserves our time and heart.


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