Monday, October 24, 2011

Sweetest Day?!

Last Saturday was Sweetest Day (?), it said so on my calendar. Then on the sixteenth, it was National Boss Day- a day to remember our bosses. I am sure that you saw that on your calendar. But, did you know that the sixteenth was also World Food Day? I did not see that on the calendar. Yet, one billion people do not have enough to eat, and every six minutes a child dies from starvation. On the seventeenth of October, it was World Poverty Day. That was not on the calendar either. Twenty-eight thousand, eight hundred little kids under the age of five died that day...from preventable causes. Things that would cost $1 or less. But, you already know that. We all do. But, will you please do something about it? Please visit today to learn how you can help.


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