Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The Martyr

Here's a poem I wrote a while back about a courageous Christian during the Roman persecution under Nero -

The Martyr

“To death, to death!” The crowd it roared in glee as blood poured out of him,
They yelled and jeered in thirsty, bloody joyfulness-
They saw two brutes to entertain their grisly, sick, distorted whim,
They did not note his fearless eye, full grim and set.

He was to die, to end this life, he knew it long before the pain,
Had not his Master long ago foretold the end?
The Master said with sad, gray eyes, he said it Oh, so plain,
“There will be pain on this earth for my children.

“There will be hardships if you choose to live the life that's true and right,
All evil will see your truth and hate you for it.
For you are light and all that's good, and you will have to struggle- fight
So that your candle will not be snuffed out by the world.”

And yet, as life drained out of him, one more thing he remembered,
The Master had said that e'en if there was pain and death
That in the end, for all God's own there would be joy forever-
And as he died he saw the beauty of heaven.



  1. I really like that, Aylin. Is it about Peter?

  2. Glad that you like it! I wasn't really thinking of anybody in particular when I wrote the poem. I was just thinking about how courageous that the early Christians had to be. I was wondering how they must have felt when faced with death or denying Jesus - the poem just kind of grew from what I thought they must have felt.