Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Oh, Boy...

I know that I've mentioned that I like to play the piano, but have I ever mentioned that I hate to play in front of people? Well, I do. I detest it. Now, I don't mind playing with a band or worship team so much because if I make a mistake, the other instruments can cover over the error, and also everyone isn't watching just me.

Recitals are bad enough, but at least I have a couple months to prepare. Not so this time. You see, Monday night a woman called me and wanted to know if I would play a couple hymns and the doxology this Sunday for her church. Somehow, I said that I would. Now I am practicing like crazy and worrying even worse.

I know that I need to calm down and give God my worry, but it's hard sometimes. He is the one who let this opportunity fall into my lap. He knows what He's doing. This will be a good experience for me to grow, not only as a musician, but also in my faith that God will see me through. So, I guess I should take a deep breath, let go, and let God.


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