Thursday, October 6, 2011

"I AM"

I went to my youth-group the other night, and heard a devotional that was really inspiring.
They were going through this "Names of God" series, and this guy walked up to talk about one of His names: I AM.

That was one of the parts in the Bible that confused me--what exactly did that name mean? I always took it as, "God was, is, and always will be", or "God is the Alpha and Omega" type of thing. But he looked at it at a completely different angle:

"'Who's going to listen to me when no one cares--when people at school don't listen, when no one at home bothers to hear me?'. . .'I AM.'" 

"'Who's going to help me get over this hard time?'. . .'I AM'"

"'Who's going to love me?'. . .'I AM'"

"'Who's going to help me stop doing this thing I know is wrong?'. . .'I AM'" 

"'Who's going to help me become patient?'. . .'I AM'" 

"'Who is ever going to forgive me?'. . .'I AM'"

"'Who's going to help me see myself as beautiful?'. . .'I AM'"

"'Who will provide for me if I take a step in faith?'. . .'I AM'"  

"'Who's going to help calm my nerves if I get stressed out?'. . .'I AM'"

It truly struck me, because I had been dealing with some of these. It re-assured me that He is always in control, no matter how crazy life can get. No matter how alone I feel, who's going to help me? 

"I AM"  ~Elizabeth

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