Thursday, December 22, 2011

The Human Heart

In a class I am currently taking, we are talking about how the human heart has always had a longing for a human figure to come and rescue them from misery and oppression.

In Genesis, we find Joseph (among others), in Exodus, we find Moses. In The Odyssey, we find Odysseus.

And now, who do we find?

This guy.

As I'm sure many of you know,  the myth of "Santa" started out with Saint Nicholas. Saint Nicholas, in a longing to be generous and show God's love, gave gifts to the poor--in the name of God.

And what do we have now?

In practically every mall, there's an overweight man in a red suit and white beard sitting on a chair, with a long line of children behind him with aggravated parents. The children want to tell him everything they want--and they fully expect that whatever they ask for will be under their Christmas tree Christmas morning with a "From Santa" card on it.

Sadly, they often get it.

Now, it's even worse than that. Kids are praying to santa. Is it just me, or is that extremely wrong on so many levels?

People want to have a relationship with someone perfect, but Satan tries to feed them replacements (like santa). God is the only one that is perfect.

And, because of Him, we don't need a replacement.

Because of His gift of Jesus, we don't need to pray to things like santa.

Because of Jesus, we are free.


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