Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Ok... So, I like experimenting with food.

This morning,I was getting myself some Cheerios. Sounds reasonably healthy, right?

Except for what I added to it afterwards. . .

I put honey on my Cheerios. LOTS of honey. But, worse than that, I put sugar on top of it ( the honey makes the sugar stick to the cereal ).

I turned something that was healthy into something that wasn't--and, though it tasted good, it wasn't good for me.

And, while I was sprinkling my sugar onto my cereal, I realized that it's that way with so many other things.

Things--beautiful things!--that God has created, we corrupt and make sinful and unhealthy. . . And, though mans version 'tastes' pretty good when we first bite into it, we tend to pay for it later.

God's version of things are so much better. . . They are healthy and satisfying, while mans things never really are.

So today, I challenge you to seek God's plans for your lives--to not only seek it, but pursue it.


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