Monday, December 26, 2011


How was everyone's Christmas?

Mine was great. And, although the day is over, Christmas really isn't done for me. Relatives are still coming over today to celebrate Christmas. So, I'm kinda tired because this is the third Christmas dinner in a row (conflicting schedules are the culprit) - two of which were at my family's house. So... it's ham again!

But, really, it's great. The food, the fellowship, the family - it's great to get together. We don't do it nearly enough the rest of the year.

So, I know it's fun to list off all the things we receive each year (for me, I got SHOES XD, a Skillet cd...), but this year I was super excited about the things I gave to people. In my family, we kids make gifts for people, instead of buying things. It works well that way, because I'm usually mostly broke :) So we bake cherry hideaway cookies, make ornaments, knit scarves, etc.

This year, my most favorite gift that I gave was a lozenge headband. I lace knitted it out of dark taupe yarn. It took me forever to finish it, but the end product I loved (as did my mom, who received it - which was a plus). And I had fun making it, and keeping it a secret, for three months.

Alright folks - now I'm expecting all of you faithful readers of this blog to comment on your favorite gifts that you gave this year! I'm sure you've got something that you gave that was absolutely amazing...


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