Monday, December 12, 2011

Christmas Time

I am typing this in close proximity to the piano on which my sister is playing Let It Snow right now. I guess I'm trying to get it into my head that it will be Christmas in less than two weeks, but that small bit of data refuses to sink in. I love Christmas - the time to focus on Christ's beautiful, precious gift to us in the form of a holy baby, the way family comes together to share dinner, and all of that.

But sometimes I have a difficult time getting into the mood associated with Christmas. I am behind on making Christmas gifts, I haven't baked any cookies or sweets yet, and though I did help decorate the tree, it was for about ten minutes Saturday evening :) I haven't played Carol of the Bells on the piano more than twice so far (this is where everyone who knows me gasps in shock and amazement, because that's my favorite song to play on the piano) I guess I've just been busy with May, recovering from NaNoWriMo, deer hunting, blogging, keeping up with my friends on the Internet, etc, etc, and so on.

So I guess it's time to peel back all the craziness (that isn't even for Christmas yet :D) and just relax. Focus. Take everything one at a time. Read the story of Jesus' birth in the Gospels. Spend time working on my handmade gifts for relatives. You know - all the things I should be doing. And maybe actually listen to the Christmas music perpetually playing in the background...

Silent night, Holy night
All is calm, All is bright...


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