Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Gasp! An Award?!

It's funny how things work, isn't it?  Like, last month I received the Very Inspiring Blogger Award.  And knowing that I inspired someone made me feel inspired myself.  I really couldn't believe that my blog was on Sybil's list of blogs that inspire her!  It really made me think -- this tiny blog floating out among the billions of other, shining blogs in the vast blogosphere, actually matters to someone?  So, thanks, Sybil, for making me day :)

Also, it got me to thinking -- what blogs inspire me?  I don't read very many blogs, and some of the ones I do read are mostly for factual information, but there are several that inspire me greatly.  They are blogs that I enjoy reading daily and am happy to share on G+ all the time.  They make me think, and examine, and pray about things I wouldn't necessarily think of on my own.

The rules for this award are:
1) Thank the person who awarded you (Thanks, Sybil.  And, seriously, everybody, go check out her blog!)
2) Share seven facts about yourself
3) Award seven other bloggers

Ok -- here's some facts...

1) I wear glasses, and I like to wear them -- except when they are broken. (which happens a lot)
2) I love to knit.  I love to knit lots of things, but especially lace.
3) Classical music is awesome.
4) TobyMac's new CD, Eye On It, is also awesome.
5) I have two sisters, Lizzie and Belle.  Sometimes it feels like I have another sister, baby May, because we watch her every day :)
6) My favorite season is probably spring.  I love the smells of spring, the colors of spring, the light, airy-ness of spring.
7) I have decided I do not like writing lists as much as I thought I did ;)

And now, for the truly fun part, here are the blogs that I LOVE, because they chase after Jesus each day, and challenge me through their blog-posts and their lives...

I know that I only have four blogs listed, but I don't read too many blogs, and these are the ones that really inspire me.  I also love reading Sybil's blog as well, but since she just had the award, I figured I wouldn't send it right back to her :)


  1. So glad I could bless you by choosing you as one of my top inspiring blogs! Thanks for writing the truth and sharing it with others!!

  2. Thanks, Aylin! And I agree with Sybil, you are inspiring :)

  3. You're welcome, guys! And THANK YOU for just being so plain AMAZING all the time <3 Your posts make my day and put a smile on my face -- even when the baby's crying and life is being annoying :)

  4. Thanks!! I knew you would someday realize that I am awesomely inspiring! :)

  5. Congratulations! That is very exciting!!!