Saturday, March 23, 2013

Eye On It

Today is a good day.  It's full of lemon tea and TobyMac's new album, Eye On It -- which just happens to be one of the best CDs in existence.  Well, except for Britt Nicole's Gold.  And Tenth Avenue North's The Struggle.  How could I ever choose a favorite?

Anyway, I love the whole CD, but Forgiveness is the song that really hit home with me.  It's the perfect song.  It has TobyMac AND Lecrae in it, which, all by itself, is a great thing.  Then, there's the lyrics.  They are perfect.  They talk about both sides of forgiveness -- the need to give it and receive it.  Toby talks mostly about guilt and asking for forgiveness, while Lecrae raps about forgiving others.  And that's what makes it perfect.  It catches you exactly where you are.  And it doesn't let you go.

"And God forgave me for it all, Jesus bled forgiveness
So when the stones fly, and they aimed at you
Just say, "Forgive them, Father, they know not what they do..."

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