Saturday, March 30, 2013

We Are One

Sitting there, with my back to a thousand people behind me and even more thousands flooding the risers in front of me and on every side, I couldn't help being excited about what God was doing.  Hearing the myriad of voices flowing together like a rushing river, I couldn't help think about all the people who had been at the arena before that day, and how different this gathering was compared to any other that had ever been seen there before.

It was Good Friday Together.  It was amazing.  Over 100 churches gathered at the First Niagara Center in downtown Buffalo, New York, on Good Friday to worship Christ's death, burial and resurrection.  There were at least seven speakers from numerous denominations, races, and regions of Western New York.  We sang as one.  We clapped and cheered as One Body -- because that's what we were.  That is what we are.  One body, yet so diverse, so different, so ready to be on mission for God's glory.

Instead of the crowd roaring at a hockey game, we cheered for the greatest victory ever won.  Because, when Jesus said that, "it is finished," He meant that the He had won.  The victory was His.  The devil was then, forevermore, finished.  And yesterday, we saw the awesome power of this victorious God, who brought us all together under one roof to shout His praises.  

Praise God for His power and might.  Praise Him for His saving grace and everlasting love.  Happy Easter.


  1. You write it so beautifully! The greatest victory has been won- praise God :)

  2. To God be all glory and praise.

  3. This is wonderful! For some reason, its so unfathomable that believers and God are everywhere. Its like I understand and see Him in IL, IN, and MI. I get to see Him and fellow Christians in Japan soon.