Wednesday, March 27, 2013

What Compassion Can Do

Today I would like to share with you a letter from the pastor at Aylin's church.  Aylin is a beautiful little girl from Mexico who would like to be part of the Compassion International program, where she would receive an education, food, and the chance to feel God's love poured out through others.

The pastor of her church says:

Dear Sponsor,

Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, wishing that the peace and God's love reign in your home. My name is Joel R. Ortigoza Vélez and I am the pastor of the Centro Cristiano Sinai Church and our Igle + Kids Child Development Center in Nogales, Veracruz, México, attended by your Compassion-sponsored child. I am very grateful with God and with you for allowing us to join in a special vision. Thank you for your spiritual support and love that you have showed by helping your sponsored child. May God bless you and reward you greatly.

Allow me to share some characteristics about the situation that we are going through and the great work that we realize with Compassion's help. At present we have registered a whole of 186 children, of which 20 are waiting to be sponsored. 

The people of this community are of scarce resources, a big number of parents are not with a well-paid employment. Many are unemployed, therefore they devote themselves to the ambulant commerce having a minimal revenue, which does not allow them to satisfy needs completely. Some of them live in wooden houses on top of a small hill, exposed to the low temperatures that bring as a result respiratory illness. Rural families devote themselves to the coffee sowing, and set to work their children from very early age, but not go to school. There are some places not provided with water services and drainage, and their situation becomes unhealthy. There is a big percentage of single mothers.

It is necessary to mention the great impact that the Compassion Child Sponsorship Program is causing. The center has turned into a desirable place for the families, the children receive love, respect, comprehension and help in areas of their development. The children are grateful because they know that the work that is realized here is especially for them because we love to them, from having clean facilities, up to providing a nutrient food and medical attention. Spiritual help is the main ingredient so that they grow with a different vision and become good men and women. I want to share with you, like a testimony, the integration of new families to our church, their motivation and example were their children, they told me: "If my children know all that, I also want to know it." We give glory to God and pray that more families would come to the knowledge of Jesus Christ.

Personally, I'm very grateful with God that the church that I shepherd is committed with this work, all of them do it for love, first to God and then to these children. The only thing that they await in return, is to see these children growing with firm convictions to take wise decisions, that they will be part of a generation who grows and develops to Christ's height and to have a success life. Our collaborators show their love and commitment with these children, preparing their lessons and activities thoroughly and with dedication, from the person who does cleanliness to the one who prepares food.

I am aware that the task is not an easy one but neither impossible with God's help and your great support. Our satisfaction will be to see these children yielding fruits that are being seed in them, having the satisfaction of being able to look to an adolescent changing his or her life, mentality and especially serving God. 

Children feel very much valued knowing that a person from far away loves them and cares for them and writes to them, blessing them, to pray for them and for their families. We teach them to pray and they talk to God with their own words, asking Him to take care and bless you. Needless to say when they receive photographs or a gift, since many of them seldom have received gifts, they feel very happy. 

Thanks for being part with us in helping your sponsored child. Without you, it would not be the same. May God bless your life abundantly. I ask you to please pray for us while we work with the children to help them to know Jesus and to grow healthy and better educated. 


Joel R. Ortigoza Vélez

Isn't this such a wonderful letter?  It is amazing to read about the hope and the bright future that Compassion, through God, is bringing to Mexico!  These children are given such a wonderful environment in which to learn and grow up in Christ.  If you'd like to sponsor Aylin, please contact me at, or comment on this post.  She is such a beautiful, little girl and I truly hope she has touched your heart like she has touched mine.  Even if you can't sponsor her, please pray for her health and safety, and that she'll learn to love Jesus with all her heart.

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  1. Thanks for sharing a person letter that explains Compassion more!