Monday, January 28, 2013

Oh Dear...

One of my new-found passions is knitting.  I love the feel of wool, the beautiful symmetry of stitches, the endless possibilities that can be created with yarn and needles.  It all truly started the Christmas of 2011, when I spent many days hiding out in my room, knitting my mom a headband.  My fingers were exhausted by the time I was finished, so I gave it up for a while.  Last summer, I decided to knit something again... and this time it was a shawl, and ornaments, and a scarf, and legwarmers.  Here are some pics of the things I made --
This was a Christmas present for Lizzie
These were for Belle

And something for me!
 So, once January came, I was BORED.  I had Christmas vacation, and nothing left to knit.  That didn't last long, of course.  While waiting for some yarn to come in the mail, I made this neckwarmer with left-over yarn

When my yarn finally came, I knit this cowl, too.

I am afraid I am in trouble.  I discovered, and now I have 19 things in my queue.  I'm going to pace myself, though.  Fortunately, I don't have an endless resource of money, so that should curb me from constantly starting new projects! (do you know how expensive merino wool is?)  Although -- I would like to knit some socks and another pair of legwarmers, along with Christmas gifts...

Dear Father, please spare my friends from the knitting bug.  Amen


  1. A friend made a scarf for me (like the one in the first photo) for Christmas. I love it! Your stuff is beautiful! There are days when I wish I could knit...

    1. Yeah, those scarves are pretty popular right now. It was really fun to make.

      Thanks :)

    2. Your knitting is absolutely stunning! No joke! My sisters and I knit/have knitted in the past but we were NEVER that good! I love the scarf you made Lizzie and the last picture! My......!