Wednesday, May 16, 2012


So, sometimes I like to reflect on how much things have changed in my life during a given period of time.  Like when I started high school, I thought about when I started middle school and how God changed me through those four years.

Yesterday was the homeschool curriculum sale.  It's an annual event.  I've been to 5 of the total 6 curriculum sales at this particular church/school.  I've always enjoyed it a lot.  Last year, I was there with my best friend.  My family's schedule was really busy during that time, due to plays, recitals, and the end of the yearly homeschool co-op.  I helped at my mom's table some, and wandered around with my friends some.  I remember there was this one girl there that was friends with my friend.  I thought it was kinda strange, because she was so much younger than we were.

Fast forward to 2012.  My really close friend has faded slowly from my life.  She's still there now and then, but we aren't nearly as close as we were then.  My family is not as busy this year, except for May, the baby we watch every day :)  She definitely can make life a little hectic!  The groups that I was involved in last year -- that were so important, that were my world -- are basically non-existent for me this year, which is OK , but it's something I never thought would happen.  And, oh yeah, remember the girl that, in my haughty opinion, was too young to be my friend?  She just happens to be a very close friend of mine now, and fellow writer of this blog!

It's amazing how life changes, how God molds me, modifying my perspectives and perceptions of His reality.  Sometimes I haven't been too open to His plans and changes.  I mostly got mad when the things that I thought would always be the same were gone.  Yet, in retrospect, I'm better off now.  I've got a truer perception of life.  I've found out more about myself and God in the process... and that is the point, isn't it?


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