Monday, May 7, 2012


Hello, Everybody!

I am here to tell you that CMS, Buffalo, was AWESOME.  I learned so much, as a Christian musician, and specifically as a keyboardist.  I came away with pages of notes and a plethora of ideas.  And, the experience of two days brimming full of concerts, speakers, and absolute amazing-ness.

I was especially excited to see Peter Furler and Phil Joel live at the Saturday evening concert.  They blew me away.  They played old favorites, like the breakfast song and Entertaining Angels, and also new favorites, including some of Peter Furler's songs from his solo CD.  It was great :)

Also, I got to hear the City Harmonic for the first time (I'd heard Manifesto before, but that was it).  They really impressed me with their stage presence and amazing lyrics.  Here is their new song, Mountaintop --


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  1. the concert was awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was so much fun. love the song, too :)