Monday, May 28, 2012

In Comparison

The other day I was in a store returning a tank top.  I was frustrated, because it had been a busy day and I wanted to get home -- and the "costumer service" desk was in the back of the store.  Who puts their returns desk in the back of their store???

Anyway... as I was walking out of the store, I heard a part of a song playing through the store's speakers.  It was sung by a woman, and she was singing about when things are tough, when life is hard to deal with, stifle your pain and carry on.  Suck it up and the show the world your game face.  The song didn't sound angry.  It was supposed to be, I think, an encouragement that you can make it if you force yourself on.

I'm not really sure why I even remember that song at all.  Anytime I happen to be in a store, I'm bound to hear lots of interesting ideas.  But, today, while I was listening to K-LOVE radio on my computer, I happened to hear a different song.  It was "Stronger," by Mandisa:

It made me think of the song that I heard in the store.  It made me think of how different these two philosophies were.  The one relied on shoving our emotions, our pain, deep inside.  The other said, "cry out to God.  He cares."

I don't have to deal with this chaos called "life" on my own.  He is not too magnificent, too high, to scoop me up in His arms and heal my brokenness. And when the trials are over, I will come out stronger, wiser, and more like my God.


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