Monday, April 2, 2012

Top Ten Monday!!!

OK, I know that in order to make it alliterate all the way, it should be Top Ten Tuesday, but I'm posting today, so it's going to have to be Monday :)

Here is my list of top ten Newsboys songs. If you do not agree with me in their order, I will come to your house in the middle of the night and whack you on the head with my mother's broom. (insert evil laughter here)

#10 Go - This song is amazing - it talks about how we should go out into the world and be there for people.

#9 Boycott Hell - First of all, I love the title to this song. The song itself is invigorating and encouraging.

#8 Shine - You have to read the lyrics to this one - they are so true, yet really funny, too. I mean, seriously - "Teach the poor origami"?

#7 Breakfast -Another song which you have to read the lyrics in order to catch them all, but it's great. It's a sort of analogy between living as a Christian and eating breakfast.

#6 Wherever We Go - Up beat, happy - it must be amazing at a concert.

#5 One Shot - My sister did a baton routine to this one, so that's partly why I like it. besides that, it is amazing, encouraging...

#4 When the Boys Light Up - This song is awesome - it has awesome rhythm, awesome lyrics, awesome everything :)

#3 No Grave - It's eery, but that's why I like it! I'm still not sure what a Ghostgum tree is, though...

#2 In the Belly of the Whale - Oh my goodness! You have to watch the Veggietales movie, Jonah, which has this song in it. It's the best! <3

#1 Jesus Freak - OK, this song is technically DC Talk's, but Newsboys does it, too - and I LOVE it. So, here you go...

Huh, I looked on youtube, and I couldn't find Newsboys' version of Jesus Freak anywhere (actually, I did find one, but the quality was terrible). Oh well, folks :(

Until next time -



  1. I shall risk your cleaning-implement-based attack and disagree with your picks. These aren't in any particular order, but these are my top ten:
    1. Breakfast
    2. Shine
    3. Million Pieces
    4. In the Hands of God
    5. Belly of the Whale
    6. Wherever we go
    7. Something Beautiful
    8. I Fought the La (a great insight into lyric-writing)
    9. It Is You
    10. He Reigns
    Notice that all of these but one are on the Newsboys Greatest Hits CD, which is the only one I have.

  2. Hey - do not underestimate the hardness of my mother's broom :D

    I looked up the song "I Fought the La" (cause I'd never heard of it) - it's great! I think I should add it to my list...