Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Fallen Angels

Yesterday I finished reading Fallen Angels, by Patricia Hickman. It's the first book in her Millwood Hollow series:

The story takes place in the South during the Great Depression. A man accused of murder is on the run from the police when he finds three children in the back of his truck. Through a series of circumstances where the man, Jeb, begrudgingly must care for the kids, he lands in the town of Nazareth, where he is mistaken for the long-sought preacher who was supposed to finally be coming to town.

Jeb, then, decides to live a lie - preaching to an unsuspecting congregation and pretending that the three abandoned children he found are really his own.

I liked this story a lot. It raised hard questions about truth and redemption. I got to see church and the Gospel through the eyes of a cigarette-and-whiskey-addict criminal... a man who, normally would not step into a church.

The story ended well - not too sweet, but satisfying, because we're all fallen in some way or another. We may not have murdered someone. We probably have not pretended to be a learned preacher when really we couldn't read at all. But we are all frauds. We're all hypocrites. Not one of us is righteous, not one.

Yet there is God! The truth that Jeb comes to understand in Fallen Angels, and the wonderful reality that we must all perceive is that there is God. He loves you. He is perfect, and He chose to save you and make you new. That's enough.


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