Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Confession--Part Three

I probably should have made this my first post on Confession, as opposed to my last, but oh well.

Before we confess to anyone else, we need to confess to God. Sure, God already knows what we've done, but He doesn't like it when we try to hide it. Pour out your heart to God, so that you can spend less time wondering how He'll judge you, and more time on how He's healing you.

You see, it's like a child with a bloody wound. If they try to simply cover it up with clothing, it won't get healed and the blood will seep through the fabric. But, on the other hand, if the child comes to their parents and shows them, they can properly cover it with a bandage so that it will heal.

Because, without that bandage, we'll never get healed. And if we never get healed, the wound can only get worse, and the healing more painful.


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