Wednesday, January 25, 2012

My Poem

Inside the Head of an Teen Introvert

Smile, nod,
Remember the name,
Shake hands,
Make eye contact and
Say “Hello”
Note clothes, face, expression,
Lilt, tone,
Depth of voice and eyes
Focus on
Being pleasant, sweet,
Easy to talk with
Yet not too easy
Careful with
Eye contact – don't stare
Don't let your eyes roam
Too far, or, probably
You'll look bored -
And that is just as bad as
Now find an excuse
To leave this
Awkward conversation,
Not that one -
So lame
Well, walk away
Anyway, now it's over
Breathe easy
Calm your heartbeat
Slow down
Now analyze the
Words, gestures,
Emotions, feelings,
Problems, questions,
In your head.

Ever felt that way, or is it just me :) Please do not copy this poem in any form without my permission.



  1. Very expressive and dead on!

  2. Yes. Meeting new people is almost always awkward.