Saturday, December 1, 2012

My Top Five Favorite

Hey guys!  I thought I'd write a Top Five post today.  And, yes, I know the Head Phil just did one of these -- but I had the idea first!  I just didn't have a chace to post it until today.  So.

Anyway -- here you have it...

My Top Five Favorite Christian Authors

1.     Paul the Apostle (with the influence of the Holy Spirit), because he is just so cool.  The layer upon layer of meaning and truth that his epistles have is truly amazing.

2.     J.R.R Tolkien, because there is NOTHING like the Lord of the Rings.

3.     C.S. Lewis.  His allegories are phenomenal -- rich, powerful, and truly transcendent of time.

4.     John Bunyan, who wrote Pilgrim's Progress while he was in prison for his beliefs.  His book has been translated into many languages and has been loved for generations.

5.     Lisa McKay, the writer of My Hands Came Away Red.  Although she isn't nearly as well known as these other guys, her heart-rending, bittersweet book has greatly inspired me to care deeply about the difficulties of people living in poverty.

What are your favorite authors, and why?


  1. I put authors 2-4 on my book bucket list today. :)

    1. You won't ever regret reading any of their books! They are the best EVER written in my, umm -- humble -- opinion.