Friday, December 7, 2012

Only 18 Days Left!

Hello, Everybody!  It is only 18 days until Christmas.  Yikes!  Today is also Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day.  Not only THAT, but it is also time for This Week's Music!  All in one day!!!!


I wanted to direct you guys over to a great blog that is trying to help raise $20,000 before Christmas for children in poverty.  You can read all about it at Lizzie's blog.

Now to --

First is a beautiful song by Audio Adrenaline.  It goes right along with helping the less fortunate this Christmas season.  If you've never been to , I encourage you to go check it out!  It's a great cause.

I finally cracked and decided to post a Christmas song.  It's from the Trans Siberian Orchestra.  I hope you like it  :)

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