Monday, July 2, 2012

Study of Job

Hey Guys!  I thought I'd let you know of a series of books by Kay Arthur.  They are the New Inductive Study Series.  Each study book goes though a book in the Bible (or two books, if they're short).  The series includes most of the books in the Bible (I'm doing Job right now).

The book is broken down into daily study by reading a section of the Bible, finding and marking certain words or phrases in your Bible, and writing down something you found in the passage.  For example, today I marked in my Bible every time I found God referenced in Job chapter one, and I wrote down all the things the text said about Him .    

I thought that this was a very good, personal Bible study, because it asked you to pull information out of the Scriptures, yet it wasn't a fill-in-the-blank sort of thing.  This book simply asks for what you can see.  I'm also going through Job in my other devotion book (the Quiet Time devotional with commentary), so I will get others' insights into the book as well.


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