Monday, July 9, 2012

Testimony Monday!

Hey guys!

Elizabeth and I have gotten some testimonies from Christians we look up to, and we're going to post them on the blog!  Although we aren't going to post them on specific days, we are going to spread them out over the summer.

Today I am excited to present --

Katie Leigh!

Katie Leigh does the voice of Connie Kendall on Adventures in Odyssey.  She shared her story of grace with us via email...

 Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and your work?
     Well, I've been working as a Voiceover actress since 1981 or so.  I
     have had the privilege of working on many wonderful cartoons and
     movies as well as AIO. These days VO is a lot different and most of us
     record our auditions from home. I even do a lot of work from home. I
     am the mom of 5 kids in a blended  family. Our youngest graduates high
     school this year!

 Did you grow up in a Christian home and go to church as a child?

     I grew up in an Episcopalian family. We went to church every week and
     I sang in the choir. But I became a born again believer when I was
     about 25.

When did you first hear about God?

     In my twenties I went to a bible study and met real practicing, bible
     believing Christians that impress upon me that I wanted live the way
     they did.

How did accepting Jesus affect your outlook on life?

     When I accepted the Lord I read my bible cover to cover. I wanted to
     please Him, and I wanted to serve Him. I got rid of some music I had
     around the house and books that I thought were not in keeping with my
     new faith and I wanted to serve God in and through my VO work if at
     all possible. It made me more loving towards other people and
     hopefully more gracious. After a year or so, I ended up working for
     Focus on the Family, and my life has been a huge blessing to me and
     many other people, and I am very thankful.

If you'd like to hear more about Katie Leigh's life and work, you can watch this video.  It's kind of long, but definately worth taking the time to watch.

Also, lets give a big round of applause to Katie Leigh for letting us share a bit of her story!  Thanks!

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