Wednesday, June 27, 2012

A Loving God

So, have you ever wondered why a loving God would send people to hell?  I mean, why would a good, gracious, merciful God send a person to eternal damnation? 

I found this great quote on Sunday.  It's by the writers of the book Vintage Jesus, Driscoll and Breshears.

  How then can we not love God for his anger rather than in spite of it? How could we possibly worship a God who looks at rapists, pedophiles, murderers, slave traders, thieves, and the like and simply smiles with pointless nicety because none of it bothers him? That kind of god, and not the God who becomes angry, is an ugly accomplice to injustice that no one with even a barely functioning conscience could or should worship.

God sending people to hell is not an injustice.  It would be an injustice for a person to live in God's holy presence throughout eternity while he has no reverence for God and no acceptance of Christ.  Even if a person who has not accepted Jesus is "good," they are still in a blatant denial of the blood of Jesus. 

Just some food for thought :)  


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