Monday, March 5, 2012

16 reasons why to read your bible

Hello, Everyone! Today I would like to encourage you to pick up your Bible and delve into its endless depths. Sometimes we get so caught up in our daily lives that we forget to spend time with our Father through reading His word. Here are sixteen reasons to read the Bible that I thought of -

  1. It's God's letter to YOU

  2. It shows you how to live

  3. In it, God reveals Himself to you

  4. It has been carefully preserved for thousands of years

  5. It is full of innumerable truths

  6. In it, were written facts of science then undiscovered

  7. It teaches you how to pray

  8. It encourages

  9. It admonishes

  10. It won't become outdated

  11. It is always true

  12. It changes lives

  13. It was inspired by the God of the universe

  14. You can never finish reading it

  15. It tells of the only way to be saved

  16. It will bring you closer to God

Let's make sure that we take time to read this precious Word of God today!


1 comment:

  1. "You can never finish reading it."
    That's a good thought. I was recently admonished because of my tendency to reread favorite books-- "Why reread books when there are so many more out there?" Well, that isn't the best philosophy, because if you stick to that, you're going to read the Bible once and put it away; and that won't help you much. You could read the Bible through many times over, and still miss good passages. Good post!