Wednesday, September 5, 2012

When Love Becomes a Verb

Christians don't do drugs.  They don't drink.  They don't lie, or cheat on their spouses, or steal money.  They don't watch x-rated movies or listen to music that profanes the name of God.  They don't swear.  They don't party.

Right?  Isn't that what Christians are (or, at least, supposed to be)?

Yet, I don't think so.  Christians shouldn't be people who don't do stuff.  They should be people that do stuff.

I'm not talking about the stuff I mentioned above -- of course people shouldn't do those things.  But, I think we focus way to much on what we won't do, the actions and lifestyles we don't condone and would never think of involving ourselves in -- than the things we will do.

Because, the greatest commandment was not Do Not, but Do.

Do love the Lord your God, and love your neighbor as yourself.  Do show compassion.  Do honor relationships.  Do show mercy and grace.  Do what is good and right and holy.  Do love. 

Love isn't just a noun that we tote around as some title we can put on now and again.  It's a verb that compels us to do something.  And if we really listened to that voice inside our hearts and souls and did the things love does, we wouldn't have to worry what not to do.  Because love doesn't do drugs.  Love doesn't steal from others or lie to help itself.  Love doesn't do those things.

So if we focus on what we need to do, everything else will fall into place.  If we're busy doing love, we won't have time to do the things we aren't supposed to do.  We'll be too busy.

And then the world will see what Christians really are.  They won't see a list of rules that need to be followed.  They won't see us as a religious people -- following rigid commands.  They will see LOVE.



  1. I like your point: thinking more about what we should do and not about what we shouldn't. However, I have seen something too. If someone is seen drinking, smoking, swearing, not dressing modest, etc, I have seen people around me saying, "They are obviously not a Christian" in a cruel kind of way. The church is meant to accept and love and guide people.. out of love. I know we are not meant to do things, but do the right things. However, if we or someone else are doing something sinful, it is not that we NOT Christian, but that we are struggling and need help.

    So in addition to us loving others and guiding something, I think knowing that people struggle and asking for help is very important to, I guess :)

    1. Right :) We've gotta hate the sin, but definately love the sinner!