Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Our Worth

Lately, I've been pondering, well... What I (and others) mean to God. I have issues with who I am, inside and out... and they've been rising to the surface lately. Its hard to deal with the fact that, on my own, I am a monster. There is nothing that I can do to escape it. I will never, ever, ever, ever be perfect.

So that made me think... Why does God care about me so much? How much could he possibly love someone as filthy as me?  I mean, I know that God loves me, but sometimes it seems pretty unfathomable.

 I was reading my devo last night, and it there was something really cool inside.

Ever seen one of those? With this scale, you have to place one item on one side and add weights to the other side until it becomes even to figure out the weight of the object. The devo put it like this: 

We are on one side of the scale. God loves us so much that, to balance the scale, He sent His one and only Son, to die a terrible death. 

God loves us that much. 


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