Monday, September 17, 2012

The Vertical Church

James MacDonald is a great preacher.  And right now, he's on tour across the US and Canada.  The message that he's spreading through these free events is that of the vertical Church.  A Church that is focused more on the presence of God than ANYTHING else.  A Church that prays powerfully, expecting God to do great things.

If you've never heard MacDonald speak before, I highly encourage you to do so.  He's a wonderful inspiration and motivator.  A word of warning though -- if you do go listen to him -- he's not like many other pastors.  He speaks the truth, raw and blunt.  He's not intimidated by traditions, misconceptions, or normality.  He doesn't really speak like many ministers I've heard before.  But he's great!  And I think that, through him and others like him, he can help change the way we think about church and reverse this church complacency and shallowness that has enveloped many of the Christians in the Western world.


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