Monday, July 15, 2013

Mail Call Monday

I got my first letter from my Compassion correspondent child Ricky!  Ricky lives in the Dominican Republic and is 15 years old.

His letter says,

Dear Sponsor.  Greetings in the Name of Jesus.  I am very happy to write to you again.  (First letter I've received, so not sure about the "again" part)  I pass all my final exams.  I am very happy because I will go to summer camp and we will have fun and grow in my spiritual life.  I learn a lot about God.  Which is your country?  I like a lot the snack at the center, I have new friends, they are good.  I would like to have a picture of you. (I did send him a picture recently, so they probably crossed in the mail)  Thank you for your support is a great help and for be important for you.  God bless you a lot and give you a great reward in your life.  What is your favorite country?  Please, pray for me, my family.  Bye in the Name of Jesus.  Ricky.

I was so happy to receive this letter from Ricky!  It is such an encouragement when I get letters from my correspondent children.  Not only do I get to touch their lives, they deeply touch mine as well.  Hopefully Ricky will receive the picture I sent him soon!

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