Monday, February 4, 2013

Monday Mail Call

Yeah!  I got my second letter from my Compassion correspondent child, Rosa!  She is six years old, and she lives in the Dominican Republic.

So, I'm linking up with Blogging from the Boonies for Mail Call Monday!
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This is what Rosa said:

Dear Aylin:
I am very happy you are my friend and for your letter.  Here we have chinola and avacado trees.  My family eats rice, beans and meat and salad.  Do you have children?  I ask you to pray for my dad who has a pain in his legs and they have inflammation.  I send you a kiss,
Rosa Maria

She also checked the boxes on the front of the page.  She said she would like to visit Italy, become a doctor, and help her parents economically.  She also said that she would like to meet me someday because "She is my friend and I love her very much."

I nearly melted when I read those words!  She is such a sweet girl.  I can't wait to write her back.

Do you have a Compassion child?  Have you gotten any exciting mail lately?


  1. What a sweet little letter! Rosa sounds so cute. I will be praying for her dad's legs, too!

  2. Oh my! So cute! Yep, I have three girls! I love them heaps! I got an adorable letter from one of them not too long ago. And just yesterday I received my 'step into your child's world' brochure for one of my correspondent girls that I requested.
    By the way, loved the song you posted last post!

    1. I got the "step into your child's world" last month. It was really interesting!

      Glad you liked the song!