Monday, August 13, 2012

Today is an AWESOME day

Today is the greatest holiday of the whole year.


Today is -- Left Handers Day!  (insert applause here)

I know, I know, Christmas is Christ's birthday and all -- and trust me, that is an awesome holiday.  But (and I'm sure Elizabeth will agree with me here) Left Hander's Day is simply MONUMENTAL.  If you aren't left handed, you probably won't understand.

The world is designed for right-handed people.  Stick-shift cars (of which I have to learn to drive, btw), gulf clubs and hockey sticks, mugs with pictures on them, and scissors -- they're all designed for right-handed people.  And we left-handed people are left to cope with awkward maneuvers because silverware are set in the wrong spot and guns just aren't made right (ummm, I mean left) for us.

Or, we could hope to go back in time and be born into extremely wealthy families who will buy us those nifty -- yet expensive -- lefty scissors and crossbows.

The good thing about lefties is that we are more versatile than right-handed people.  We often learn to shoot like a righty.  We throw a ball like them, too, just because it's easier for our teachers to teach us to properly pitch that way.

And driving stick shift?  I still haven't figured that one out.

So, please give a hand for Left Hander's Day, and recognize the struggles and trials of every day life for your left-handed brothers (or sisters) of the world.  Thank you.



  1. Aww! I had no idea. I'm a righty, so I guess I've had it pretty easy. Happy Left Handed day to you :)